Search the full text and media objects of the ethnography by keyword and historical period, and do advanced searches by feature type, place type, and people.

Each keyword theme (authority, belief, folklife, landscape, village, work) expands to a list of keywords. Each historical period, feature and place type also expands to more specific subsets. You can choose the higher order "parent" theme or historical period to get all the "children" under it, or choose more particular terms. Note that the keywords and other search criteria reflect and reference the particular content of the ethnography, and are not meant to be exhaustive.

Choose multiple search terms within any category [keywords, historical periods, feature/place type] to get more results (i.e. choosing multiple keywords means anything that has keyword a or keyword b or keyword c). Within any category, adding more terms is inclusive and adds to results, but choosing across categories is exclusive and limits results (i.e. choosing historical periods and keywords together limits results to only things that share all those characteristics). You can further refine the results by feature type, place type, and people.

Search results are displayed under tabs that sort the results in categories corresponding to the database structure: features, places, people, texts, media objects. When you select an item from the list, the tab display holds the original search query and results in other categories. The "selected item" display shows a description of the artifact, a gallery of related media objects, any inscription, translation, or analysis, its associated place, and a detail view of all the relations in the database for that specific artifact.

From the selected item display page you may open one pop-up window to look more closely at an image, inscription, or text, but that is as far as you can navigate away from the search. Search results and other artifacts can be saved and opened separately.

Not choosing any categories and performing a search will reveal a complete tabbed listing of all items in the database.

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Sample searches can be found under Teacher Resources